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247 does not hold deposits, all deposits are registered with the DPS.    The Deposit Protection Service (The DPS) is the Government approved provider of custodial and insured tenancy deposit protection schemes. Tenancy Deposit Protection ... read more »
So there is a way to reclaim for arrears!   A very good informative website. Much clearer to understand than many other sites. read more »
How to Avoid Nightmare tenant Artwork.
  Very interesting article however 247 does not agree with all comments but very much still worth the read. I have added the link from the auther at the bottom.     Remember people choose to be bad tenants, you can have arears of re... read more »
Imagine system that manages the staff who operate the keys, a system that ensures every keys whereabouts is known. If you the landlord can give your key to your agency knowing how secure the key is, knowing that the key cannot be lost, cannot be misl... read more »
  All agents is like trip advisor for letting agents.    We are so proud to be apart of the allagents review scheme.   Welcome to the UK's largest Directory & Review website dedicated to the property industry. Search thro... read more »
PRO GOLD Member.    The Letlink website is an online service for the UK private residential letting sector providing essential information and products for letting agents and landlords.   A real good site and support service for an... read more »
247 Comprehensive Tenant Referencing with Rent4Sure We offer three types of tenant reference - a Credit Check, a Full Reference, and a Company Reference. Clearly presented, our comprehensive Final Reports give you a clear res... read more »
247 Manage over 1200 homes and Eviction is seen as the final step.    We help manage the tenant.  We help fix the problem.  We help solve the crisis.   How....   247 Listen, try to understand, remain realistic an... read more »
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