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This webpage is the link page for extra services we provide to all our our valuable tenants. 


A key fact is that some agents forget is that tenants are just as important as property owners. It is never a one-sided relationship.


We need to provide a great helpful service to all our tenants and property owners equally. We established these great tenant and landlord’s online tools 247.


Over the past 18 years we have strived to ensure we simplify and streamline our services protecting you as a customer.


Here is the direction and understanding for the links shown on the right.


Existing Tenants button - All correspondence from our Tenants must be via this web form. We ask that you contact us this way to ensure your enquiry goes to the correct person first time and this way it ensures that your enquiry cannot get lost or deleted. A ticket is created and is only closed when your enquiry is satisfied. 247 Property Services prides itself on treating tenants as customers, this method of communication ensures all customers’ needs are met. This also could be used updating your contact details or emails address. Again, protecting yourself from lost messages or incorrect spelling over the phone.


Rooms to let - Our 247rooms website offer quality shared homes are in the Doncaster areas. We only offer the best rooms that are in convenient areas of Doncaster. Please remember only rooms are shown here and all bills are included.


Tenants - Register with us - To register your details with us, please complete and submit the form. Once registered then any property meeting your criteria will be issued via text and email as they become available. By completing the registration page, you agreed for 247 Property Services Ltd to store your data on our system.


Report a Maintenance Issue – Here you can create a “works ticket” and report any maintenance issues 24hours a day, 365 days a year. This is closely monitored and when completed can provide all the information to assist the property owner and maintenance team in attending with the correct equipment or parts. This also helps to show the severity of the maintenance issue. The ticket is the only way to report maintenance issues as stated in your tenancy agreement as this ticket cannot be deleted or edited by anyone. In other words, you are protecting yourself against claims or damages should you fail to report any maintenance or damages that may escalate. A great tool for tenants and property owners.


Give Notice online – One of the biggest issues is giving notice correctly and in the modern age the best way is to complete this form. Again, this form helps guide you correctly and ensure you notice is complied with correctly. Please remember your notice must be give before your next due date and would be for one month at least. You can of course contact the team who can explain this to you


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