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You are required by Law to Provide an EPC When starting a tenancy.

What is an energy assessment? (EPC)

An accredited Energy Assessor visits the property to collect only the data required for assessing energy features and generates an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) using government-approved software. The assessment is based on the construction and type of dwelling and relevant fittings (heating systems, insulation or double glazing, for example).

It is not a structural or building survey, condition report or property valuation. An EPC should not be read as a comment on the overall condition of the property nor will it comment on the presence or otherwise of asbestos, high alumina cement concrete, additives including calcium chloride, or any building defects or hazardous materials. It will also not cover items or problems in the property which would be picked up in a building survey, which may be costly to rectify, as these are outside the scope of the data collected.

How do I check that an EPC is valid?

Go to and click the link to access the Domestic EPC Registers. Click on ‘Report Retrieval’ and follow the instructions on the screen.

My property is maintained to a high standard; surely the rating should be higher than shown in the report?

The EPC gives information on the current and potential energy performance of the property. It does not reflect the current condition of fabric or fittings, nor decorative state.

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