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247 Property Services is an established, professional, property letting company offering a full range of properties to let. From letting a house to a flat or apartment, 247 has the property for you available to let at the keenest prices.


247 is a nationwide letting agency that's hitting the UK by storm.

There are no gimmicks, no catches, and no flash promises. 247 currently manage over 1200 homes in the UK on a management-only status. 247 operate a  standard rate of 10% plus vat for properties with rents of up to £599.99PCM, 8% plus vat for rents of £600.00PCM - £999.99PCM and 6% plus vat for rents exceeding £1000PCM with no setup, start-up or renewal charges to landlords. All of the company's staff are trained at the head office in Doncaster and all staff undergoes the same rigorous legal and customer services training. Homes with HB claims are fixed at 13% plus vat. Our HMO Management services are a fixed 12% plus VAT.


Did you know before you buy your property 247 will complete the research needed to give you the true rental value, never believe what a salesman tells you, in some cases they tell you what you need to hear to make the sale. Our region directors will check and give you what you need so as not to purchase the wrong property. We give you the facts, you make the decision.


The 247 team are renowned for the most robust and direct approach in the letting industry, those that won't pay don't stay, and with a dedicated eviction officer (Damien from we can guide landlords through the eviction process for a small fee of course. This is a set fee charged by


It is however rare for 247 to have to take a tenant to court, 8 times in 6000 so far, so that's a pretty good record. We have all kinds of tenants from small single studios to large 5 Bedroom mansions, so no home or type of home is exempt.


Rent a home, not a house.


This rule applies to tenants there is no set tenant type and we do not discriminate with age, sex, race or status as in general there is always a home available for someone.


"The hand must fit the glove"


The tenants must match or suit the property they are letting and visa versa. Of course, we still complete the credit checks and history checks, we check employment and even visit the current home of a potential tenant. But everyone's circumstances are different and we look at each case as an individual case. Just because a credit score says no does not always mean no from this agency. Everyone makes mistakes and even people without a credit history can be persecuted for their zero credit rating. At the end of the day, the 247 team all have been trained to look for the bad tenants and will reward the good honest tenants.


247 Training that's far beyond just an AST.


Why is this agency better than all the others?
We only do lettings so every customer who walks through our doors is treated with the same level of customer care. There are no bonus wars or special customer treatments, they provide the same level of quality customer service and give everyone the same high standard, this applies to both tenants and landlords. Our job is to ensure both parties are happy and work well together, we make sure that landlords look after their tenants and tenants look after their homes.


Did you know 247 Visits the old current of potential tenants to evaluate the standard of living.


Why do they do so well?
247 has grown through recommendation and through good old fashioned hard work, we have the skills and ability to let fast, let right, and let long term the first time. We can even offer rent guarantee at the customer's request. If we are honest there should be a need for rent guarantee if we have done the job correctly in the first place there would be no need for rent guarantee. In one of regions, 247 was voted No 1 out of 261 by the public rating system for Estate Agents.


Did you know 247 is "LIVE" online 247.


Our systems are live, online and updated 24hrs 7 days a week. You can make payments, give notice, and get instant SMS and emails. Late paying tenants are automatically sent a text/email as a weekly reminder. 247 have one of the best, up to date IT systems in place and pride themselves in having one of the best live notification systems. Many customers' homes are let in hours, not days or even weeks.


247 Manage all arrears, eviction is the last resort.


In this day and age with the complications of benefit systems and lack of job security, it's in the best interests to manage arrears before evictions. Gone are the days where you evict for just arrears. 247 help manage and assist with payment plans and debt management rather than go straight to court. Helping a tenant get back into credit is far better than evictions. If you have a tenant that is in debt then you need 247 to manage them effectively. 247 Will manage and assist tenants to get back into credit with landlords. Eviction is a last resort and only when 247 have exhausted all avenues to get them back in credit.


Summary of 247


So from HMO and home-shares, the letting of Private family homes and blocks of flats we at 247 take pride in being the leader of a new way of lettings. We manage arrears, we manage apartment's blocks, we manage deposits, we manage tenants and we manage Landlords. From start to finish we manage everything and you the owners have nothing to do with the property, Just relax letting is our business and letting is what we at 247 specialise with. 247 is THE letting service.


Property Maintenance by Foster Estates Ltd

247 Property Services have partnered with Foster Estates Ltd to carry out and control all our property maintenance matters.  You can call Maintenace manager directly on 07985478061




0800 68 00 247

A breath of fresh air in Lettings.

247 Property Services is the change you really do not want to miss out on.