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Emergency Contact


24/7 Emergency Pager system reminder.

In some cases, an emergency and a call out may be justified.


Emergencies are any calls that will involve any Emergency services, police, fire, ambulance. Then you must contact the emergency number given below regardless.


Leave your Name, address and Telephone number and a member of the repair team will call you back.


PLEASE REMEMBER if you call them out and it is not an emergency you shall be charged £65 costs.


EMERGENCY – 01302637648

Note: All calls are recorded and monitored. 

What to do!


Broken Window

Please cover with wood, card, tape and black bags until first thing next working day. Remember never screw or glue the UPVC framework, damage to the frame will prevent a full repair and you will be charged for the frame which is considerably more expensive than just glass. Please note unless you have a crime number with the police and person has been charged for the damage you will be responsible for the repair as stated in the tenancy agreement. Each individual damage case is reviewed before a decision is made for whom to charge, landlord or tenant retrospectively.


Water Leak

If you have a leak please turn your water off at the mains stop tap and report on the website or ring the office first thing the next working morning. We will arrange the repair.


Lock Out

If you are locked out you will be charged £65. You have to pay on arrival in order for us to open the premises, alternatively, wait for the next working morning and collect the spare keys from the 247 office.


Gas Central Heating System

Please call the office the next working Morning were we will arrange for a repair. In the meantime please use electric heating and electric sourced hot water. Normally only 48 Hrs. Repair turnaround subject to landlord and repair team/contractor availability.


Power cut

Before calling the repair number please check with next door that this is not just your home. If it is area blackout there will be nothing we can do and you will have to wait for local repairs to be finished. If it is just your home then please check your fuse box then call the emergency pager.


Thank you

These details are attached to all contacts as standard.