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What affects the price of your home.


When moving home, the price of the property plays a major part in the home-moving journey, so we asked a few agents what they believed were the key factors to increasing the value of a property.

Ed Harrison from Deakin-White:

A main factor I believe adds value to a home is being in a catchment area for an outstanding or good school. We have seen examples of homes in good school catchment areas selling a lot quicker and getting a lot more interest.”

Karl Knipe from Kings Group:

Without doubt location, has always been and continues to be the number one factor effecting the price of a property. Today, Wi-Fi, broadband speed and good schools are three factors which people are interested in knowing, which again is down to picking a good location.”

Marcel Roccia from Rochills :

Location has a huge effect on the price and saleability of a home, and in our experience house and flats close to a train station always sell and rent quickly.”

As you can see there are many things which can impact the price of a property, but it seems the consensus is that a location will really help increasing the price of a property.

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