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Legionella Scams!





As part of the NLA membership they have a continued professional development section, they added a Legionella section last week which we have now completed.


There is no onus on the landlord to carry out legionella risk assessments but some unscrupulous agents are interpreting the latest HSE guidelines as a reason why landlords MUST have these done and charging for it, its bunkem there is no law.


In summary what the HSE guidance states is:

  1. Ensure any header tanks are covered and insulated.
  2. Ensure pipework is lagged or insulated.
  3. Have a provision for empty properties where the entire water system is drained or regular visits to run the water are scheduled.
  4. Remove any dead legs of water systems where water may stagnate.
  5. Ensure cylinder tanks have a tank thermostat on and the water is kept in excess of 60 degrees.
  6. Remove and clean shower heads and leave pipe hanging down to drain

Combi boiler systems should also be drained when a property is empty for any length of time and or provision made for the regular running of the water (preferably drained)


A further great tip from 247.




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