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A Landlords Christmas List


A Landlords Christmas List


It's official…Christmas is coming! It is now less than one month to the big day and your tenants will soon be getting into the Christmas spirit. Whilst this is ‘the most wonderful time of the year’ it can also be a time for safety hazards, unoccupied homes, and increased theft. This means you should take steps to ensure your property is safe, and that your tenants are well informed as to any rules over the Christmas period.

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Here is your Christmas List:

Christmas Decorations

Your tenants will soon be getting ready to put up their festive decorations. If you have any rules regarding decorations make sure you let your tenants know. For example, you may not allow outdoor lights or decorations that require nails in the walls. By making tenants aware they can plan/buy their decorations accordingly. 

Unoccupied Homes

Are your tenants going away for the Christmas period? Make sure to find out your tenant’s plans. If they are going away tell your tenants to leave the heating on low to avoid frozen pipes. Or, if they are going away for a few weeks you could offer to check on the property. 

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There is an increase in theft over the festive period due to burglars being aware that many people will store presents in their homes. Ensure you advise your tenants to keep presents out of sight and to lock all doors and window when leaving the property. You could also consider installing additional security measures such as home alarms, outdoor lights, and door chains.

Fire Risks

With decorations come increased fire hazards. Discuss the following fire risks with your tenants:

• Fairy lights – ask tenants to turn fairy lights off at night 
• Avoid hanging decorations over fireplaces
• Avoid overloading extension leads 
• Make clear that lit candles should not be left unattended and are placed away from furniture

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Have a Happy Christmas!

Once you have completed your list you can relax, wish your tenants a Merry Christmas and have a great one yourself.

Merry Christmas from all at PIMS



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