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The Deposit Protection Service (The DPS) keeps deposit money safe for letting agents, landlords and renters during the course a tenancy. Its free, government-accredited custodial tenancy deposit protection scheme has protected over five million depos... read more »
Legislation Changes for 2018/2019 There are so many changes coming to the lettings industry, we thought it would be useful to provide a brief overview of both the confirmed and proposed changes for 2018/2019. It’s not exhaustive and may be s... read more »
Christmas Opening Times 2018   Monday 24th December 2018 CLOSED Tuesday 25th December 2018CLOSED Wednesday 26th December 2018CLOSED Thursday 27th December 2018 10.00am to 4.00pm Friday 28th December 201810.00am to 4.00pm   ... read more »
Many costly landlord-tenant disputes have arisen as a result of differing interpretations of what is fair wear and tear. Knowing what is reasonable is, of course, critical when it comes to returning a tenant’s deposit.  my|depos... read more »
Landlords Suffering Because Of New Benefits System - Giving It 'No Credit' Just A 'Universal' Damnation 24th Oct 2018 Just under two thirds of landlords have and are experiencing their Universal Credit tenants racking up rent arrears. ... read more »
The Ministry of Housing, Community and Local Government has published the expected regulations confirming that from 1 October 2018 HMOs licensed in England under part 2 of the Housing Act 2004 will be required to have a floor area no-smaller than 6.5... read more »
Is a ‘let only’ agent responsible for HMO licensing? 2018-11-05 01:45:35-05 By Robin Stewart of Anthony Gold Many letting agents still take the view that licensing a property is something for landlords to worry about and the... read more »
Selecting A Letting Agent? Letting Agent / Estate Agent  / Property Managers. The choice is all yours but which one ? Online, offline, Hybrid, High street, small business, large chain, franchise. Phew. So many to chose from, thousands of... read more »
  Free UK Helpline for tenants and Landlords   A Helpline for Landlords and Tenants.   The property market today has so many laws, rules and regulations that renting/letting and can be fraught with tenancy issues. We are here... read more »
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