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Part 2.    Here is the best practice for selling your property, presented by Zoopla. Zoopla provides a host of useful online information. We use Zoopla and Rightmove as the online portals to market your home.
Landlords Play Safe And Choose Agents Who Stringently Reference Tenants 29th Aug 2016 This is according to research held by a chain of estate agents when they surveyed 2,506 landlords throughout England. 70% preferred to contr... read more »
More Than A Third Of Landlords Hold Incorrect Insurance 9th May 2016 More than one in three landlords are not effectively covering themselves by opting for standard home insurance, leaving themselves wide open to the threat of damage to th... read more »
Tenancy Eviction DEREGULATION BILL Became Law 1st Oct 2015 The Deregulation Bill was granted Royal Assent on the 26th of March 2015 - Some components are immediate [27th March] with others to be phased in later This bill will result in si... read more »
Top tips for YOU to sell your own Home Thank you to “Property Guru”. Over the years 247 Property Services have helped thousands of tenants and landlords through our multi award winning, affordable, friendly attitude to the lettings indu... read more »
NLA Code Of Practice   The aim of this code is to provide a brief statement of standards that member landlords are expected to observe in connection with the letting of their residential properties. Introduction Creating a Tenancy ... read more »
247 Energy Free Boiler.    Even if you are NOT with 247 Property Services you can apply for our free boilers. Please complete a contact form  and request a free boiler check. read more »
Join us with Screetons at the racecourse in Doncaster south Yorkshire for our latest auction with Screetons.   Auction is on 15 March 7PM, Doncaster Racecourse, Doncaster.   For more information, visit:    http://www.screeto... read more »
This new way of thinking !   Estate agents WILL BE customer focused or else!    This new way business to ensure good tenants are looked after as customers by 247!   247 demands estate agent to keep good tenants with good lan... read more »
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