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I suppose it was easy to predict this was coming, but the Welsh devolved Government launched their consultation on tenant fees last week which will run for approximately 12 weeks, closing on 27th September. All the political parties i... read more »
"Unfair charges" levied on buyers of new-build houses could be banned in England under a proposed crackdown.  Leaseholds on new-build houses would be outlawed, while ground rents could be dramatically reduced, under government plans subject to p... read more »
Government support for a new London rail line after scrapping projects in Wales and the north of England has been described as "frankly outrageous".  Greater Manchester mayor Andy Burnham said there would be "widespread anger" at the decision to... read more »
A property campaigner has described the case of a letting agent only convicted of £200,000 of fraud involving deposits following a private prosecution after police decided not to investigate as “stunning and alarming”.   A ... read more »
House prices in the UK fell by 1% in June, the largest monthly fall since January, according to Britain's largest lender, the Halifax.  It brings the average price of a house or flat down to £218,390.  The rolling quarterly figure, wh... read more »
As a buy-to-let property owner, the last thing you want is for your investment to be sitting empty. But it’s not just about paying the mortgage. You’ll also need to bear in mind that your property faces distinct – and potentially co... read more »
Maintenance of rented properties can be a nightmare for Landlords and Agents alike.  We always try to streamline the process and give both Landlords and Tenants alike as much information as we can.  To this end we have partnered with Welch ... read more »
It is an estate agent's job to work for the seller of a property, lining up lots of prospective buyers and getting the best price for the property, whether it's an immaculate family home in a most-wanted catchment area or a fixer-upper in need of som... read more »
EXTRACTS FROM BBC WEBPAGE   More than 7,500 households have lost their housing benefit and instead receive a nominal 50p a week because of the welfare cap, the BBC has found.  A Panorama survey of hundreds of councils shows at least 67,60... read more »
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