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When moving home, the price of the property plays a major part in the home-moving journey, so we asked a few agents what they believed were the key factors to increasing the value of a property. Ed Harrison from Deakin-White: &ldqu... read more »
The announcement by First Base that it is progressing its plans to incorporate a modular construction facility into the regeneration scheme at Silvertown is another bold example of a developer looking to take advantage of the opportunities presente... read more »
As if there isn't enough stress involved in buying and selling a property, once the purchase is agreed it's far from over.   Stacks Property Search, has some top tips to ensure your move goes as stress-free as possible: If you're rentin... read more »
  Doncaster FreePress have teamed up with Zoopla and offer this fab tool for great up dated property information in the Doncaster area.    You can search any area but only South Yorkshire is of interest to our team.    S... read more »
Almost half of Brits believe UK house prices will rise over next 12 months  A high proportion of people think that residential property prices in the UK will increase this year, despite political and economic uncertainty. Fresh research reveal... read more »
Introduction Of Carbon Monoxide Enacted 19th Oct 2016 Revised SEPT 15 - Whilst this bill technically was not given Royal Ascent it has been enacted by way of becoming a UK Statutory Instrument: The Sm... read more »
An ex Army infantry sergeant who served in Iraq and Northern Ireland who has helped to find homes for soldiers facing life on the streets, has been left shattered after a family ruined one of his homes and left the property owing him £2,000 in ... read more »
Not only are the Government looking to ban agents fees but are now trying to ban agents from passing their costs to landlords.  What exactly do they really want?  If they want to ban agents and make landlords do all their own work then just... read more »
HOME IDENTITY FRAUD PROTECTION An identity fraud victim has been left "scared" and "terrified" after he discovered his £500,000 home had been listed for sale on a popular property website.  The victim had utility bills stolen ... read more »
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